DRL released!

11 March 2010

The DRL has finally been released!

The new version has several minor modifications, a lot of polish, and a couple major features, including teasers for features yet to come!

Grab it while it’s hot in the downloads section! Currently, only the Windows version is available, Linux version will appear soon.

I’ll also take this occasion to announce a new donation drive — while it is in the general interest of ChaosForge development (I spend a lot of time away from my PC, and that time could be spent on developing roguelikes), it also is of special interest to iPhone owners, and people wanting a Mac version of CF roguelikes. If either, or if you want to help ChaosForge grow in general, please be sure to check out the ChaosForge treasury and if you think that ChaosForge games gave you something, then why not give something back :).

Check out the official announcement or read more about the release…

· · ·

First of all we have a new transition level, the Hellgate, which may surprise you — and following the path of secrets there’s a surprise for our Ao100 regulars too!

While advanced weapons have been removed and Whizkid boosted for normal weapons, a new class of weapons has been introduced, the Exotics. These are a step below Uniques, and in fact the lesser uniques have been made Exotic. You have more chances to find them, and it will be typical to find half a dozen of those, with high chances that one of them will fit into your build. And yes, Exotics are not unique, which means that dual-Blaster wielding is possible.

Nightmare has been made harder (following the Doom setting of “fast”), but to make that up, gibbing has been introduced — there’s nothing more fun than seeing your enemy splatter due to massive damage! You can gib corpses too, so here’s a party to you Nightmare and Arch-vile frustrated people.

Several UI upgrades have been introduced, most notably an in-game ‘T’raits screen, and upgrades in player and score screens.

Finally, two experimental features have been added, that are a taste of things to come — game replays based on simple screen-by screen recording (there will be a flash player for those, in the meantime you can use gmfplayer.exe), and… the Sandbox, that in a limited way exposes DRL modding to the world! Read about it in the forums, and on the DRL wiki — add1 did a great job of documenting it — thanks :).

And for those that are interested in internal changes and things to come… internally, the display has finally been completely separated from logic, which means… yes, the Tile version will be here, soon…

[add] -- TR#032: Hellgate added!
[add] -- TR#098: Lesser uniques made non-unique Exotics!
[add] -- TR#033: Experimental GMF support
                 ("doomrl -record filename.gmf")
[add] -- TR#---: Experimental sandbox level support
                 ("doomrl -sandbox sandbox/sandbox_arena.lua")
[add] -- TR#---: [secret feature]
[add] -- TR#---: added two exotic weapons (shotgun and chain)
[add] -- TR#093: Gibbing! Massive damage (nukes included) doesn't leave corpses,
                 and corpses may be destroyed
[add] -- TR#---: Unhandled Exceptions now leave a error.log!
[add] -- TR#---: color.ini added :)
[mod] -- TR#---: Trait screen can be accessed anytime ("T")
[mod] -- TR#098: removal of advanced weapons, whizkid bonus upped
[mod] -- TR#---: walls and other terrain now have hp in addition to armor
[mod] -- TR#098: all UNIQUE's resist destruction, lava, nuking and armors don't
                 get destroyed
[mod] -- TR#100: armor always has at least 1 protection until destroyed or 0
                 durability, made stronger armors more durable
[mod] -- TR#---: balance : arachs and commandos 1 less accuracy, arachs 1 less shot
[mod] -- TR#---: balance : demons upgraded
[mod] -- TR#122: medal info on player screen
[mod] -- TR#---: upgraded HOF table
[mod] -- TR#---: upgraded player info screens
[mod] -- TR#124: message on all wall destroying lever
[mod] -- TR#093: Nightmare! is Fast -- monsters move faster, shoot more often
[mod] -- TR#116: you can now escape out of the mod menu
[mod] -- TR#---: DRL now blocks the close window button and doesn't react for
                 Ctrl-C (Windows only)
[mod] -- TR#136: LockClose and LockBreak options added to ini
[mod] -- TR#112: ESCAPE and OK ini-settings now correctly recognized
[mod] -- TR#BNT: Fireangel requirements changed (now an alternative shotty-run trait)
[mod] -- TR#141: Gib sound added
[mod] -- TR#138: Megasphere fixes armor on AoMs
[mod] -- TR#139: Failed JC kill attempts count as a win now
[mod] -- TR#063: Ao100 now has a proper mortem and highscore message
[fix] -- TR#114: zero-time melee attack fixed
[fix] -- TR#109: barrels pushed into acid/lava have now the proper explosion
[fix] -- TR#108: phase devices are properly used on AoI
[fix] -- TR#106: crash on Blaster with Shottyman fixed
[fix] -- TR#104: infinite loop on corrupted savefile fixed
[fix] -- TR#103: crash on mortem fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: UAC Diamond Badge now achievable
[fix] -- TR#125: correct meta-information for executable
[fix] -- TR#110: nuking oneself will no longer give abnormaly low scores
[fix] -- TR#101: shotgun pump sound position fixed
[fix] -- TR#113: gun kata now dual-reloads uniques
[fix] -- TR#115: fixed all badge bugs relatred to timed or max-kill challenges
[fix] -- TR#120: EmptyConfirm message now appearing correctly
[fix] -- TR#121: "normal" highscore filter works again
[fix] -- TR#123: monster spawning on player fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: Fixed MasterDodge trait
[fix] -- TR#---: Railgun shots visible again
[fix] -- TR#126: nuke nick of time bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: score is no longer based on game-time
[fix] -- TR#137: updated AoB description
[fix] -- TR#---: crash on God Hand rank fixed
[fix] -- TR#129: viewing enemy information out of LOS via LookMode not possible
[fix] -- TR#143: Unaccesible stairs bug fixed
[fix] -- TR#---: fixed crash on too long staying on a level on Nightmare
[fix] -- TR#---: OnKill hook active again (fixes a couple bugs, thanks sorear)

Compatibility note: Player and Score files are compatible (and always will be), ini files are not, there are several changes.