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Items are anything in the game that isn't already a weapon or a piece of armor, but is something you can pick up. Most items are stored in your inventory, though some are used immediately upon picking them up.



Ammunition (or ammo) is used in the various ranged weapons found throughout the game. No ammo, no attack.

All types of ammo can also be found in ammunition packages (or ammo packs). Ammo packs contain a larger quantity of ammo than usual, and equipping an ammo pack in the prepared slot allows the wielder to reload from the pack taking only a fifth of the normal reload time.


Consumable items can be carried and used one each, at the discretion of the user. No consumable items stack; each take up one inventory slot per item.



Modification Packs (Mods)

Mods amplify the various equipment collected in the game. Under normal circumstances, only one mod can be added to a piece of equipment (including normal and ranged weapons, armor, and boots). With the Whizkid advanced trait, this limit can be expanded (see trait for details).

Standard and exotic ranged weapons can hold a maximum of three mods per mod type, and normal and exotic armor and melee weapons can hold only one mod per mod type (unless you're adding the last mod to an assembly). Modification of unique equipment varies: see the appropriate page for details.




Powerups are immediately used when picked up.


Relics are extremely rare and powerful items that act like consumables, but can be used as many times as you want (so long as you meet the requirements to use them).

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