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Game Data Strategy

A player's rank is a rough estimation of their achievement level in DoomRL. It comes in two flavors:

  • XP rank (short for experience rank) is granted as a matter of killing enough enemies, either with specific restrictions or in large amounts. It is the first half of your rank name.
  • Skill ranks is granted as a matter of completing badges. In addition to props, the earlier skill ranks also give you access to harder difficulties and, over time, the full array of challenges. It is the second half of your rank name.

Your rank name is the combination of these two ranks into an elegant title (such as Cacodemon 1st Lieutenant). Wear it proudly.

XP ranks

Rank Requirements
Human This is the starting rank.
Former Human Kill 50 former humans
Imp Kill 100 imps
Kill 10 enemies in melee
Demon Kill 100 demons
Kill 100 enemies in melee
Kill 10 demons in melee
Cacodemon Kill 100 cacodemons
Kill 10 cacodemons with the pistol
Kill 2500 enemies
Mancubus Kill 20 mancubi
Kill 5 mancubi with the pistol
Kill 5 mancubi in melee
Hell Knight Kill 200 hell knights
Kill 50 hell knights with the pistol
Kill 20 hell knights in melee
Baron of Hell Kill 500 barons of hell
Kill 1000 enemies in melee
Kill 10000 enemies
Arch-Vile Kill 500 arch-viles
Kill 2000 enemies in melee
Kill 25000 enemies
Cyberdemon Kill 100 Cyberdemons
Kill 50000 enemies
Apostle [ Kill 50 JC's ]

Skill ranks

Rank Requirements New Content
Private This is the starting rank. I'm Too Young to Die; Hey, Not Too Rough; Hurt Me Plenty
Private First Class (Private FC) 1 Bronze Badge Angel of Berserk, Angel of Marksmanship
Lance Corporal 3 Bronze badges Ultra-violence, Angel of Shotgunnery, Angel of Light Travel
Corporal 6 Bronze badges Angel of Impatience
Sergeant 9 Bronze badges

1 Silver badge

Nightmare!, Angel of Confidence, Angel of Purity, Angel of Red Alert, Angel of Darkness
Sergeant Major 12 Bronze badges

3 Silver badges

Angel of Max Carnage, Angel of Masochism, Angel of Pacifism, Angel of 100
Warrant Officer 15 Bronze badges

6 Silver badges

Angel of Humanity, Angel of Overconfidence
2nd Lieutenant 9 Silver badges

1 Gold badge

1st Lieutenant 12 Silver badges

3 Gold badges

Captain 15 Silver badges

6 Gold badges

Major 9 Gold badges

1 Platinum badge

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Colonel) 12 Gold badges

2 Platinum badges

Colonel 15 Gold badges

3 Platinum badges

Brigadier General (Br. General) 5 Platinum badges

1 Diamond badge

Major General (Mjr General) 7 Platinum badges

2 Diamond badges

Lieutenant General 9 Platinum badges

3 Diamond badges

General 12 Platinum Badges

5 Diamond badges

Marshal 15 Platinum badges

7 Diamond badges

Chaos Major 9 Diamond badges N/A
Chaos Lt. Colonel 12 Diamond badges N/A
Chaos Colonel 15 Diamond badges N/A
Chaos Br. General 3 Angelic Badges N/A
Chaos Mjr General 6 Angelic Badges N/A
Chaos Lt. General 9 Angelic Badges N/A
Chaos General 12 Angelic Badges N/A
Chaos Marshal 15 Angelic Badges N/A
[ No-Life King ] 17 Angelic Badges N/A
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