Nanomanufacture ammo

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Game Data Strategy
Nanomanufacture ammo
Damage: Original
Average Damage: Original
Damage Type: Original
Accuracy: Original
Base Fire Time: Original
Base Reload Time: N/A
Clip Size: N/A
Ammunition: N/A
Alternate Fire: Original
Alternate Reload: N/A
How to get it: Assembly: non-shotgun/non-bfg ranged weapon + BBBN
Quote on pickup: N/A
Appearance: }
Ingame Description: Assembly (same as original)
Comments/special: Never needs reloading, doesn't consume ammo. The weapon is called "nanomachic Old-Weapon-Name". Due to a bug (which is fixed in the upcoming version), it must never be assembled with empty clip or right-click fire will be disabled.
Source: N/A
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