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Applying this assembly to an exotic Pistol if you're a Pistol build, a Plasma Rifle if you're a rapid fire build (especially if you're using Cateye), or to any sort of Rocket Launcher, is pretty much a "I win" button. You'll never have to be concerned with ammo nor reloading for the rest of the run, and you can spam your weapon with impunity at enemies out of sight. You'll only die from this point if you do something really really dumb, or get utterly screwed over.

Of course needing a Nano mod makes this assembly impossible to begin with for the majority of runs, and then needing Whizkid 2 will shut out even more runs from being able to make it or at least until it's very late in the game. And you probably usually won't want to apply Bulk mods to the weapons you would use this assembly on, so it's not improbable that you would shut yourself out of this assembly by applying other mods to a desired weapon and then finding a Nano mod. With these factors considered, this is not an assembly you can preemptively plan on making in your run. But if you find a Nano mod, have or can get Whizkid 2 without derailing your build, and an appropriate weapon, it is definitely something you should try making then. Omega Tyrant (talk) 10:49, 9 April 2017 (UTC)

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