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Game Data Strategy


Game difficulty roughly emulates that of the original game. There are five to select from:

  • I'm Too Young to Die (ITYTD): The easiest difficulty, in many ways. Ammo is doubled, enemy spawns are at their lowest, healing and powerup durations are doubled. A good way to start playing the game, although you won't have access to every special level available nor play any challenges.
  • Hey, Not Too Rough (HNTR): The "standard" difficulty for many players. Given that all multipliers are set to one, challenges are allowed, and all special levels are now available, this is an appropriate moniker.
  • Hurt Me Plenty (HMP): The first "difficult" difficulty. More numerous and accurate enemies appear at earlier floors, giving you less time to prepare for the late stages of the game.
  • Ultra-violence (UV): The difficulty of DoomRL veterans. This is the point where even the first few floors of the game can kill you reliably if you don't know the inns and outs of the game. It is unlocked at the Lance Corporal skill rank.
  • Nightmare! (N!): The exclamation point does not lie, this difficulty is for hardcore players only. In addition to Ultra-violence changes, enemies can respawn at any time, are faster (relative to you), and attack more often. You can't save, either! At least several of the ITYTD benefits are back to help. It is unlocked at the Sergeant skill rank.

The differences in game difficulty may seem subtle, but switching to a harder difficulty is easily the most frustrating part of playing DoomRL, diamond badges aside. Difficulty information has been tabulated: the columns are identified as follows:

  • Shorthand: How the difficulty is expressed on the score page (and in mortem tags on the forums)
  • Score Multiplier: How much your score is increased by, just by playing on that difficulty level
  • Ammo Multiplier: For randomly generated ammo, how much extra is added to each stack
  • Enemy Accuracy: How much the enemies' accuracy is changed on this difficulty
  • Enemy Spawns: How many enemies spawn on randomly generated levels, and how much their depth level is modified
  • Healing/Powerups: The duration/strength of powerups, and the health gain of small healing items
  • XP Multipler: How much increased experience is gained for killing enemies
  • Special: Any extra features regarding the difficulty level

Difficulty Levels
Difficulty Shorthand Score Multiplier Ammo Multiplier Enemy Accuracy Enemy Spawns Healing/ Powerups XP Multiplier Special
I'm Too Young To Die E 0.5 2 -1 Low/+0 Doubled 1.4 Acid/lava deals half damage, some special levels barred, no challenges
Hey, Not Too Rough M 1 1 +0 Normal/+0 Normal 1.2 N/A
Hurt Me Plenty H 1.5 1.25 +1 High/-3 Normal 1 N/A
Ultra-violence U 2 1.5 +2 Very High/-6 Normal 1 N/A
Nightmare! N! 4 2 +2 WTF/-6 Doubled 1.2 Respawning, player speed decreased by 10%, +50% enemy attack chance, no saving


This section lists the different challenges and how they affect gameplay.

Note: The standard items (that is, what you get in a standard game) is as follows: pistol (equipped), 10mm ammo (x24), small med-pack (x2).

Challenge Difficulty Unlocked at Description Starting Items
Angel of Berserk Very Hard Private FC Only melee weapons can be used to attack. Large Healing Globes additionally grant 20 turns of berserk. Large med-pack (x2), blue armor
Angel of Marksmanship Easy Private FC Only pistols and fists can be used to attack. Standard + 1 random standard mod (except power mod)
Angel of Shotgunnery Medium Lance Corporal Only shotguns (weapons with a spread projectile) and fists can be used to attack. Shotgun, shotgun shell (x50)
Angel of Light Travel Easy Lance Corporal Your inventory is limited to 10 items (excluding equipment slots) Standard
Angel of Impatience Hard Corporal All consumable items are immediately used upon pickup. Standard - small med-pack (x2)
Angel of Haste Hard Sergeant Every odd-floored level is skipped. (This affects special level generation.) Standard
Angel of Purity Hard Sergeant All powerup effects are disabled. Standard
Angel of Red Alert Hard Sergeant A five-minute nuke is armed at the start of every level, whether random or special. Standard
Angel of Darkness Hard Sergeant Your vision radius is only 7 and anything outside of this radius is black, except for maps and Intuition. Scouts and maps do not know the location of stairs. Experience gain is doubled. Standard
Angel of Max Carnage Medium Sergeant Major All attacks from all source deal maximum damage, and accuracy of yourself and all enemies is increased by 12. Standard
Angel of Masochism Very Hard Sergeant Major All healing effects (including tactics restoration) are disabled, save Vampyre You are supercharged at every level-up. Standard
Angel of 100 Blade Sergeant Major All special levels are removed: the player must instead descend 100 floors to win. Standard
Angel of Pacifism Blade Sergeant Major All weapon attacks are disabled. Phobos Base Entry is removed (for balance purposes). Thermonuclear bomb, large med-pack (x4), blue armor
Angel of Humanity Blade Warrant Officer Your HP is permanently reduced to 10. Ironman increases your HP by two per rank. Standard + large med-pack (x2), red armor, one of each standard mod
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