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 {{melee weapon
  | weapon_name        =
  | weapon_dmg         =
  | weapon_avgdmg      =
  | weapon_dmgtype     =
  | weapon_accuracy    =
  | weapon_afire       =
  | weapon_get         =
  | weapon_quote       =
  | weapon_looks       =
  | weapon_description =
  | weapon_other       =
  | weapon_source      =

Use this template on pages describing a melee weapon. Pages with this template are automatically added to Category:Melee weapons. The parameters are as follows:

weapon_name Name of the weapon as it appears in the game. This parameter is required.
weapon_dmg The damage code of the weapon. It has the form XdY. Default is "unknown".
weapon_avgdmg Average damage of the weapon. The average damage for one attack is calculated by X*(1+Y)/2. Default is "unknown".
weapon_dmgtype Damage type: Physical, Shrapnel, Plasma, Fire, or Acid. Default is "unknown".
weapon_accuracy Accuracy of the weapon. Default is "unknown".
weapon_afire Alternate fire, if any. Default is "N/A".
weapon_get How to obtain the weapon. Default is "random drop".
weapon_quote Quote on pickup. Default is "unknown".
weapon_looks Appearance (ascii character) of the weapon. You can use <font color="some_color"></font> tags to obtain the correct colour. Default is "unknown".
weapon_description Description of the weapon as given in the game. Default is "unknown".
weapon_other Further comments or special remarks. Default is "none".
weapon_source Source of the weapon: some movie, video game, or even real life, etc. Default is "unknown".


 {{melee weapon
  | weapon_name        = The Master Sword
  | weapon_dmg         = 4d8/4—32
  | weapon_avgdmg      = 18
  | weapon_dmgtype     = [[Damage type#Physical|Physical]]
  | weapon_accuracy    = +2
  | weapon_afire       = Fires a whirling energy bolt if you are at full health.
  | weapon_get         = Wear green armor, have the three magic pendants with you, then pull it from the stone pedestal in the Lost Woods.
  | weapon_quote       = ''Keeping the Kinght's line since 1318 AD''
  | weapon_looks       = <font color="lightblue">/</font>
  | weapon_description = ''A one-handed, two-bladed sword with hexagonal cross-section.''
  | weapon_other       = Just remember to bring it back once you don't need it any more.
  | weapon_source      = {{wiki|A_Link_to_the_Past|A Link to the Past}}

(The above example is, of course, totally fictitious.)

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