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Cell Flags
CF_BLOCKMOVE Cells with this flag block movement and projectiles.
CF_BLOCKLOS Cells with this flag block vision.
CF_CORPSE This flag is set for autogenerated corpses. Only cells with this flag can be ressurected. The being created by resurrection can be specified by setting the cell's effect parameter to 100 + being.id. Note that the "corpse" cell does not have this flag. To include this cell, use Level.is_corpse.
CF_NOCHANGE Currently, this flag is only checked by the map powerups. The map powerups reveal cells with this flag (as well as CF_BLOCKMOVE cells).
CF_NORUN The run command (not the run tactic) will stop the player before he steps on a cell with this flag.
CF_PUSHABLE Cells with this flag can be pushed (like barrels in DoomRL). Pushing is mostly hard-coded.
CF_FRAGILE Cells with this flag can be destroyed by any damage type (assuming they have HP or armor) whereas cells cannot usually be damaged by bullet, melee, shrapnel, or piercing damage.
CF_HAZARD This flag should be set for cells that are dangerous to step on. The AI will usually avoid these tiles. This flag is also used with the EF_NOHARM empty flag.
CF_OVERLAY This flag is related to the graphical version. Overlays are drawn OVER a base tile.
CF_MULTISPRITE This flag is related to the graphical version. Cells which have rotations (walls being the main example) need this flag.
CF_STICKWALL This flag is related to the graphical version. When a multisprite wall is calculating its rotations it takes stickwalls into account. That way wall-like cells (such as doors) will be attached to the multisprite walls correctly.
CF_LIQUID This flag is used to mark liquid cells (water, acid, lava). Currently, it is only checked by Level.flood which will flood over CELLSET_FLOORS cells and CF_LIQUID cells.
CF_OPENABLE This flag indicates that the cell can be opened. What happens when the cells is opened is determined by the cell's OnAct hook.
CF_CLOSABLE As CF_OPENABLE, but for the close command.
CF_RUNSTOP Cells with this flag will stop the player's run when the player is orthogonally adjacent. Contrast with CF_NORUN.
CF_NUKABLE Cells with this flag will be destroyed be a nuke even if they are normally not destructible.
CF_CRITICAL Cells with this flag should usually not be altered or destroyed be the game. It is currently only checked by the flooding level event. Stairs have this flag.
CF_HIGHLIGHT This flag determines whether the light or dark color variant is used when a StatusEffect overlay is being applied.
CF_BLOODY When a being walks on one of these cells, its feet won't become less bloody. (See CF_BLOODY.)
CF_VBLOODY When a being walks on one of these cells, its feet will become bloody and it will temporarily leave a trail of blood.
CF_STAIRS Stairs are marked with this flag. (New stairs cells should include this.)
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