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Game Data Strategy

John Carmack is NOT the True Evil in this game. Just so you know.

Anyway, JC always spawns all the way over to the right side of the map and one tile down (to prevent you from launching rockets at him). He takes no damage from non-direct fire explosions and is immune to knockback.

If you don't move directly to JC's radius, he will summon some "friends". These can range from Barons to Revenants to Mancubi. So be careful.

JC attacks with a rocket launcher ONLY. He doesn't deal any melee damage, so there are 2 methods of taking JC out:

    • You should have some juicy traits by now. Hopefully an investment in WhizKid(1 or 2) has gotten you some fast boots and firespeed. The 2 levels of HellRunner will come in handy for dodging attacks. That P modded plasma rifle might come in handy too, especially if you get the courage to slap on 2 tech mod packs.

Method #1 Go up to JC, and dodge his rockets by moving diagonally toward him when you get to his sight radius. Get right up to him and you can use a real powerful melee weapon (modded chainsaw, DS, Longinus Spear, Sycthe). Wait for him to reload his rocket launcher. When he does, thats when you need to start dodging potential attacks. If you have DodgeMaster, you're golden. Stay right up against JC to take advantage of your immediate position to melee attack him.

Method #2

Move over to JC directly, and you can use a fast attack of a plasma gun/rockets against him. Be careful to dodge potential attacks whenever he reloads his rocket launcher. Your weapons should be modded heavily by now or you will have to be real patient and have a buttload of ammo to spare.


Ideal fights with JC should end with you taking minimal damage, if any. If you get hit directly by JC's rockets, you are SCREWED.

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