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Game Data Strategy

No significant changes to the weapon itself. See Gatling gun and burst cannon for the heavily modified assemblies.

The chaingun is a common rapid-fire weapon, the first one to be seen in any single run of a game. Former captains drop a chaingun as well as 100 10mm ammo when killed.

Weapon: (1d6)x4

Accuracy: +2

  • Four bullets per volley, each individually dealing 1-6 damage points per hit.
  • Benefits immensely from Triggerhappy and Son of a Bitch.

A chaingun's +1 accuracy bonus won't get you anywhere in particular, especially in the late game when ammo counts and so does each hit (by then you should be using the plasma rifle anyway). Eagle Eye helps greatly with the accuracy issue here, as so do agility mod packs.


The chaingun's strategy relies mostly on maneuvering into positions where enemies can be lured or simply picked off without great fear of retaliation. A chaingun's base fire speed of 1.2 seconds is a bit hefty, and should be taken into consideration when dealing with enemies such as Arachnotrons which can do nearly three actions in that time. See the high power chaingun and Son of a Bitch to learn how to take down these foes in a single volley.

The chaingun is not a fielder's weapon of choice. Out in the open, with no cover, a chaingun can provide only limited assistance as it has no spread. However, investment in Finesse can come in handy, and demons and even hell knights can be taken down in a single volley.

Several assemblies for the chaingun include:

Exclusive to Chaingun

General Rapid-Fire

Bottom line? A good weapon of choice for nearly any part of the game (preferably assembled or modded in mid to late game), and even better with rapid-fire traits. Builds confidence to the plasma rifle.

GinDiamond (talk) 19:12, 15 October 2013 (CEST)

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