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Game Data Strategy

The following is a list of weapons that are classified as the shotgun type for the purposes of Challenges and Traits.






About Shotguns

Overview and Strategy

Game Data Strategy

The weapons from the shotgun family of DoomRL all have an cone-shaped area of effect attack that makes them unique and powerful. Shotguns never miss any target in their affected area, and they always do at least one damage to each target. The size of the shotgun blast varies from weapon to weapon. It is governed by two parameters: range and spread. The range of a shotgun determines how far the blast extends from the attacker, and the spread determines the half-width of the blast when it reaches it's furthest point.

Shotgun damage also diminishes over distance. Each shotgun has a reduction rating that determines what percentage of damage is taken off per tile of distance. This penalty is applied linearly, and it is applied even at point-blank range. Rounding is to the nearest integer (0.5 rounds to even).

DoomRL uses shotguns with four different Area of Effect types:

Shotgun Area of Effect Types
Name Range Spread Reduction
normal 15 3 7%
focused 15 2 5%
wide 8 3 10%
plasma 15 3 5%

Area of Effect Details

This article discusses technical aspects of DoomRL and will be of limited interest to most players.

To calculate a shotgun's area of effect, first a target square is calculated by extrapolating from the vector pointing at the manually targeted square. The true target will be a tile that is at the shotgun's maximum range with an approximately parallel vector. Then, for each tile in a (2 × spread + 1) side-length square around the target, the game traces out the path of a missile until it hits a wall. (Shotgun blasts go through enemies.) The missile paths are truncated if the distance along one of the axes becomes greater than the shotgun's range. For each tile that was traced out in at least one of the missile paths, damage is applied.

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