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Some weapons have alternate reload modes. Generally, alternate reload modes really do involve reloading the weapon, but sometimes they are used for miscellaneous activities.


Full reload

Full reload will reload the weapon's entire magazine. The amount of time taken is 0.2s plus the time it would take to normally reload the amount of missing ammo. For the combat shotgun, the weapon will also be pumped.

Single reload

Single reload will reload only a single ammo into the weapon's magazine. This time taken is the same as a normal reload.

Dual reload

If the player has the Dualgunner trait and has a pistol-type weapon in the prepared slot, then dual reload will reload the wielded weapon and the prepared weapon. Each of these reloads takes the normal amount of time, but either one may be skipped if the weapon is already full.


Overcharging enhances the weapon, but causes it to be destroyed after firing a single shot. A weapon can only be overcharged if it is fully loaded.

For the plasma rifle and derivatives, overcharging doubles the number of shots and increases the size of the damage dice by 1. (The maximum clip size is reduced to the new number of shots.)

For the BFG 9000 and derivatives, overcharging doubles the blast radius and increases the number of damage dice by 2.

Nuclear overcharge

Overcharging nuclear plasma weapons creates an active nuke with a 10.0s timer. This works the same as using a thermonuclear bomb. The weapon is lost, and the wielder is left without a weapon equipped. This overcharge actions is instantaneous.

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