Spider's Lair

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Game Data Strategy
Spider's Lair
Depth: 14
Entrance Text: Mechanical clicks everywhere! Oh my god it's full of spiders!
Reward Text: Suddenly the webs fade. From under the webs, items emerge...
Exit Text: If all enemies are dead:

Silence rules the spidery lands...



Monsters on ITYTD: arachnotron (x8)
Monsters on HNTR: arachnotron (x10)
Monsters on HMP: arachnotron (x16)
Monsters on UV: arachnotron (x18)
Monsters on N!: arachnotron (x18)
Rewards: rocket (8x3), power cell (4x20), armor shard (x2), Supercharge Globe, power battery, BFG 9000
Description/tips: The inner teleporters move you to their far side, while the outer teleporters move you to the opposite side of the map. Expect the arachnotrons to use them. The rewards except for the rockets only appear after killing all the arachnotrons. The BFG always appears in the center.

Paired with Halls of Carnage.

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