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Elephant gun

No significant changes to the weapon

The Elephant gun is a basic assembly from a shotgun, and created by applying two power mod packs. The resultant weapon is a 12d3 shotgun with a full 2.5 second reload time.

Clearly not designed for regular use, the elephant gun's strong point is its power. The idea with this weapon is to kill the monster before it kills you. If the enemy isn't dead after this gun pumps it full of 12d3 shot, you're either screwed because you a) don't have a backup weapon or b) you actually took the 2.5 seconds to reload the gun and then you got mobbed and slaughtered by lost souls.

OR, you could load up in Reloader and Shottyman and get the reload speed under control. An investment in Juggler is also a good idea.

Bottom line? A good weapon to have if you're doing a shotgun build, not a very economical use of power mod packs otherwise. Even when using with a shotgun build, this is not a weapon to be weilding all the time, as the reload speed can really get in the way. Try the tactical shotgun as your primary gun and this or a focused double shotgun or even the Jackhammer as a secondary weapon.

GinDiamond (talk) 22:28, 15 October 2013 (CEST)

I'd just like to add that the Elephant gun is the single most ammo efficient shotgun bar something ridiculous such as a P modded SSG or something. The Elephant gun's effectiveness at with Gunrunner and Shottyman is one of the scariest (non-broken) things that i've seen - Due to drop-off it performs somewhat better then a Double Shotgun unless you're right next to them (And with 12d3 or 9d3x2 they won't be for long), and most importantly it doesn't chew through your shells like the dragonslayer chews through nightmare demons. If you're doing a Gunrunner build, always keep this weapon in mind - Aim for smoething like a tactical shotgun first, however. Aki (talk) 01:47, 16 October 2013 (CEST)

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