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Objects in DoomRL have unique identifiers.

One is the ID, a number used by the engine to track the item.
The other is the sID, a string which is used by the API to track the item, and what you define as id in most of the prototypes.

With the notable exception of defining a weapon's ammotype the sID is what the sandbox uses. You can use numerical IDs or constants that represent them; it's a legacy feature from the early sandbox days. But those aren't listed on this page, and string IDs are, so if you don't want to define your own building blocks, enjoy.



berserk berserk
invulnerable inv
envirosuit enviro


former human former
former sergeant sergeant
former captain captain
imp imp
demon demon
lost soul lostsoul
cacodemon cacodemon
baron of hell baron
Cyberdemon Cyberdemon
hell knight knight
arachnotron arachno
John Carmack jc
former commando commando
Angel of Death angel
pain elemental pain
arch-vile arch
mancubus mancubus
revenant revenant
nightmare imp nimp
nightmare cacodemon ncacodemon
nightmare demon ndemon
nightmare arachnotron narachno
nightmare arch-vile narch
bruiser brother bruiser
shambler shambler
lava elemental lava_elemental
agony elemental agony
Arena Master arenamaster
soldier soldier


floor floor
stone wall (indestructible) pwall
bloodstone (indestructible) prwall
stone wall wall
ice wall iwall
blooded ice wall biwall
ice wall (indestructible) piwall
crate (blue) crate
blooded crate (blue) bcrate
crate (yellow) ycrate
blooded crate (yellow) bycrate
bloodstone rwall
blooded wall bwall
stairs stairs
closed door door
open door odoor
barrel of fuel barrel
barrel of acid barrela
barrel of napalm barreln
bridge bridge
water water
acid acid
lava lava
water (indestructible) pwater
acid (indestructible) pacid
lava (indestructible) plava
blooded wall (indestructible) pbwall
locked door ldoor
green wall (indestructible) pgwall
blooded wall (bloodstone) brwall
green wall gwall
stone wall (trigger) wall2
bloodstone (indestructible, trigger) prwall2
Phobos rock rock
a nuke! nukecell
down stairs (yellow) ystairs
down stairs (red) rstairs
bloody corpse corpse

Most beings have automatically generated corpse cells. These cells have sID .. "corpse".


Basic Items
combat knife knife
green armor garmor
blue armor barmor
red armor rarmor
steel boots sboots
protective boots pboots
plasteel boots psboots
Small Health Globe shglobe
Berserk Pack bpack
Invulnerability Globe iglobe
Supercharge Globe scglobe
Large Health Globe lhglobe
Megasphere msglobe
Computer Map map
Tracking Map pmap
armor shard ashard
10mm ammo ammo
shotgun shell shell
rocket rocket
power cell cell
10mm ammo chain pammo
shell box pshell
rocket box procket
power battery pcell
pistol pistol
shotgun shotgun
double shotgun dshotgun
combat shotgun ashotgun
rocket launcher bazooka
chaingun chaingun
plasma rifle plasma
small med-pack smed
large med-pack lmed
phase device phase
homing phase device hphase
envirosuit pack epack
thermonuclear bomb nuke
power mod pack mod_power
technical mod pack mod_tech
agility mod pack mod_agility
bulk mod pack mod_bulk
lever (floods with water) lever_flood_water
lever (floods with acid) lever_flood_acid
lever (floods with lava) lever_flood_lava
lever (harms creatures) lever_kill
lever (forces explosions) lever_explode
lever (destroys walls) lever_walls
lever (summons enemies) lever_summon
lever (Armor depot) lever_repair
lever (MediTech depot) lever_medical
lever (opens the lab) lever_spec3
schematics (basic) schematic_0
schematics (advanced) schematic_1
schematics (master) schematic_2
Backpack backpack
lava element lava_element
teleport teleport
stubitem stubitem
Exotic Items
blaster ublaster
assault shotgun uashotgun
plasma shotgun upshotgun
super shotgun udshotgun
laser rifle ulaser
tristar blaster utristar
minigun uminigun
missile launcher umbazooka
nuclear plasma rifle unplasma
nuclear BFG 9000 unbfg9000
combat translocator utrans
napalm launcher unapalm
onyx armor uoarmor
phaseshift armor uparmor
phaseshift boots upboots
gothic armor ugarmor
gothic boots ugboots
medical armor umedarmor
duelist armor uduelarmor
bullet-proof vest ubulletarmor
ballistic vest uballisticarmor
energy-shielded vest ueshieldarmor
plasma shield uplasmashield
energy shield uenergyshield
ballistic shield ubalshield
acid-proof boots uacidboots
firestorm weapon pack umod_firestorm
sniper weapon pack umod_sniper
shockwave pack uswpack
blood skull ubskull
fire skull ufskull
hatred skull uhskull
chainsaw chainsaw
BFG 9000 bfg9000
Unique Items
Hell Staff umodstaff
Butcher's Cleaver ubutcher
Trigun utrigun
Anti-Freak Jackal ujackal
Grammaton Cleric Beretta uberetta
Jackhammer usjack
Revenant's Launcher urbazooka
Acid Spitter uacid
BFG 10K ubfg10k
Railgun urailgun
Malek's Armor umarmor
Cybernetic Armor ucarmor
Necroarmor unarmor
Medical Powerarmor umedparmor
Lava Armor ulavaarmor
Enviroboots uenviroboots
Shielded Armor ushieldarmor
Hellwave Pack uhwpack
Nano Pack umod_nano
Onyx Armor Pack umod_onyx
Berserker Armor uberarmor
Dragonslayer udragon
Angelic Armor aarmor
Longinus Spear spear
Azrael's Scythe uscythe
Arena Master's Staff uarenastaff

The Berserker Armor and Dragonslayer are not loaded in custom modules.

Natural enemy weapons (such as the imp's fireball or the mancubus's launcher) are autogenerated. If you want to use an natural weapon directly (for whatever reason) they are named "nat_" ..


Shotgun Missiles

Autogenerated missiles have the same sID as the weapon they were assigned to.

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