Longinus Spear

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Game Data Strategy
Longinus Spear - Melee Family
Damage: 8d8/8-64
Average Damage: 36
Damage Type: Plasma
Accuracy: +0
Alternate Fire: Holy Fire: Explodes a radius 3 area around you for 10d10 fire damage; causes fatigue and takes 1.0 second.
How to get it: Unholy Cathedral
Quote on pickup: You sense an aura of holiness around this weapon!
Appearance: \
Ingame Description: Legend says that no one wielding the Spear of Destiny can ever be defeated.
Comments/special: Part of the Angelic Attire set: using it together with the Angelic Armor grants an additional +4 to protection to the armor. Halves knockback while wielded.
Source: Spear of Destiny (Wolfenstein 3D expansion)
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