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Achievements are the stepping stones on one's quest to become the greatest DoomRL player. At first it is quite possible to gain achievements without realizing it, but as time passes players will begin to seek out specific achievements they find either possible or desirable. They are split into three major categories:

  • Ranks are titles that reflect the player's experience and ability in DoomRL.
  • Badges are trophies that begin by granting you access to the entire game, then improve your rank to glorious heights.
  • Medals are the "extra" achievements that, while less important than badges, still require a significant amount of effort to acquire.


DoomRL consists of descending floors, one by one, preparing for the final confrontation with the Cyberdemon. If you manage to make it all the way to the Phobos Arena, there are actually a few options when it comes to winning the game. They are as follows:

  • A partial victory is gained by using a thermonuclear bomb (or equivalent nuclear device) to destroy the Cyberdemon, and you along with it. In terms of score, this isn't a very successful victory, but it still gets you badges and medals all the same.
  • A standard victory is gained by killing the Cyberdemon by conventional means. This gets you normal points for your score.
  • A full victory requires you to nuke the Phobos Arena and survive by means of invulnerability. Then, descend into the Hell Fortress and encounter the true evil there. As it stands, there are three technical ways to finish a game via while in the Hell Fortress:
    • If you die to the true evil or its minions, you are granted a standard victory but gain no badges that require you to complete the game. (example: UAC badge series)
    • If you nuke the true evil and die along with it, you are granted a full victory instead, but still will not gain badges that require you to complete the game.
    • If you kill the true evil by conventional means, or by nuking and surviving the explosion, you are granted the full victory along with any badges you would expect to get.

Winning the Angel of 100 challenge produces a special message, but always counts as a standard victory.

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